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See why over 24,000 users trust their content creation to BestContent

  • Create relevant content for your audience in one click

    No more spending hours creating posts that don't generate the engagement you need. With BestContent, you just need to type your idea to have complete posts in less than 20 seconds. All posts come with captions and hashtags focused on results.

  • Posts fully adapted to your brand

    Having a professional account is useless if you don't have a visual identity. That's why our AI automatically adapts all posts to your colors, logo, contact information, and anything else needed to create unique and personalized posts.

  • Constant growth every day

    You will never go a day without posting on Instagram again, and you can be sure that you will see real growth on Instagram in no time. Turn your Instagram account into a brand, an influencer marketing tool, and a sales machine.

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Are you struggling to get results on Instagram? BestContent is the solution you need.

Imagine waking up every day knowing that new customers and followers are coming to your social media profile. Enjoy the freedom to focus on your business without worrying about spending money to attract new customers. Posting quality content daily on Instagram allows you to do this.

However, posting frequently on Instagram can be tiring and boring, leading many people to abandon their professional profile, as it requires time, dedication, and knowledge to create quality publications.

But working with BestContent allows you to do this effortlessly.

Our AI does all the heavy lifting: Creates the necessary content to sell, adapts everything to your profile, and allows you, your company, or your brand to reach millions of people.

  • Relevant posts for your followers;
  • Captions and hashtags for each post;
  • Content ideas;
  • Time-saving;
  • More followers and customers;
  • Freedom

And much more!

How It Works

3 simple steps

  • 1. Provide your brand's characteristics

    Provide your brand's specifications that you would like to appear in your posts: Area of expertise, logo, color, profile name, etc.

  • 2. Type your idea

    Now, you need to type your post idea. For this, you can either type an idea you had yourself or select one of the daily ideas we suggest based on your profile.

  • 3. Click “Generate Post” and you're done!

    After that, you just need to click “generate” and our AI will do all the hard work. In less than 20 seconds your idea will have turned into a post adapted to your profile, as well as including text and hashtags for the publication! Just download and post directly on Instagram

See what our customers are saying

  • I am very impressed with BestContent AI. Its organic growth posts have led me to gain over 1,700 followers on IG.

  • Since I started working with BestContent, I no longer have problems with my professional Instagram profile. I started gaining many followers who interact with my content.

  • My profile has reached over 2,300 new followers. In addition, people interested in my content.

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Trust our experience to develop your growth strategy on Instagram.

  • Publishing content on Instagram that generates engagement is becoming increasingly difficult and competitive. That's why we're keeping an eye on innovative tools like BestContent, which help content producers and companies grow in this busy and explosive era in the social media industry.

  • BestContent has a team of designers and artificial intelligence experts who have developed an algorithm to find relevant topics for their users' followers and develop posts that are tailored to their visual identity. Your Instagram publishing package may be the most revolutionary service and technology we've seen in 2023.

  • Instagram is a content social network, so to grow on the platform it is recommended to publish quality content daily. BestContent is one of the most innovative technologies to help companies and people gain this authority in a way that the generated content adapts to the voice of your brand.

    There's an AI for That

    BestContent is for those who…

  • Don't have time to create or edit posts.

  • Have abandoned social media.

  • Think marketing is boring and repetitive.

  • Can't sell using social media.

    But want…

  • To be present on social media, without getting tired.

  • Turn social media into a sales machine.

  • Value their name and professional image.

  • Increase their visibility and authority in the market.

  • Consolidate their name in their market.

  • Be active on social media and be remembered.

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Are you ready to join the top 1% of content creators and reach your influence? Start today!

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R$ 1,16 Per day

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Monthly Charge

You get monthly access to all current features and any future features in development!

  • Unlimited posts generated by AI;
  • Daily suggestions for post ideas;
  • Posts in feed and stories format;
  • Humanized support via WhatsApp
  • Background remover;
  • Dedicated 24/7 support

Everything you need to know

What is BestContent AI?

BestContent is a powerful content production platform focused on boosting social media results using artificial intelligence to generate posts, content, and content ideas automatically. By using templates and a strategy for creating engaging posts, BestContent can help increase your social media results by up to 10 times.

Is BestContent AI free?

That's right. BestContent offers a free trial, allowing users to generate up to 10 posts for their social media. Like other AI platforms such as Predis, no credit card is required to start the free plan. You can generate any type of publication and share it directly on your social networks. Our customer support team can provide more free publications if you encounter issues or if you have a larger company. However, to make the most of the platform and generate unlimited posts, you need to subscribe to a premium plan. Try BestContent for free and discover its ability to optimize content production on your own.

Which languages does BestContent support?

Our platform currently supports up to 8 languages. Check the list of supported languages below: Portuguese; English; Spanish; French; German; Chinese language; Korean; Japanese. If you would like support for another language, please contact us at hello@bestcontent.ai.

Are my information secure on BestContent?

Yes. Your information and images are uploaded through a secure connection and stored only for your design use. BestContent never shares or uses your images for anything else without your consent.

Do I need to commit to long-term contracts to use it?

No, if you are on a monthly paid plan, you can cancel at any time. Regarding annual plans, we consider refund requests on a case-by-case basis, and you can make requests through our customer support team. Therefore, you do not need to sign long-term contracts.

How does the launch lifetime price work?

Here at BestContent, we recognize the importance of every customer in our beta version. For this reason, customers who subscribe during the beta version will not be subject to future price adjustments on the platform. The prices displayed on the pricing page will be charged for life exclusively for these users.

How do I get notified of new features?

By registering on our platform and agreeing to receive emails, you will be automatically notified about new features and special offers. Register now to stay updated on all the latest news about BestContent.

How do I create posts using my own images?

To create posts using your own images, simply provide your post idea (e.g., a sales post promoting the latest generation watch) and in 'advanced settings,' choose the image you want to use in your post. After that, select the template of your preference to use in generating images. Click 'play,' and your unique artwork will be generated.

How does BestContent's price compare to Predis.ai, Designs.ai, Designify, and others?

When compared to Predis, BestContent is 2-3 times cheaper and also offers a background remover option, while Predis only provides the post generation feature. Because of this, BestContent is also a much more cost-effective and comprehensive platform than Designs.ai and Designify.

How can I contact for any feedback or ideas?

We love receiving feedback for improvements. Our goal is always to enhance our product to the highest quality possible. If you have any feedback, simply contact us at hello@bestcontent.ai.